meet the content team ?

everything on fiveable is created, streamed, and edited by 
AP teachers + students from around the world

we work together to produce high-quality content ??

we identify stream topics, trivia games, and study guides based on the CEDs, popular pacing guides, and requests

streamers, creators, and editors pick up projects based on their subject eligibility*

*teachers have 2+ years teaching that subject, often with experience as exam graders. students on the content team have earned a 3+ on the exam

all team members are continuously trained and supported to meet our content guidelines
every piece of content is edited and approved by a highly qualified* teacher before its published.

*editors have significant experience in classrooms and with the ap curriculum. they are exam readers, curriculum writers, textbook authors, and professors

join the content team

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host live reviews & study groups


write study guides, trivia questions, and blogs


review content for accuracy, style, and formatting

frequently asked questions

how do we ensure quality content?

all team members are experienced in AP and complete thorough training on our guidelines. every slide deck, study guide, and trivia question is checked and edited for accuracy before it’s published.

why do we have students creating?

the student streamers and creators are an incredible group of young people with a passion for helping their peers. they receive the exact same training and onboarding as our ap teachers and exam readers, too. we’re excited to give them a platform to share their insights, knowledge, and creativity with this community!

what are our content guidelines?

we are completely aligned to the course and exam descriptions updated by college board in 2019. we’ve also developed our own style guidelines to keep all content consistent with style, voice, and formatting.

does the content team get paid?

yes! we value the time and expertise of the content team and we pay them for every project they complete.

i have another question

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