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🌶 answers to all of your students’ last minute questions

🌶 pep talks and confidence-building to destress before exam day

as low as $5 per student, per exam

frequently asked questions

how will the 2020 exams be different?

The exams will all be taken online and will be shortened to 45 minutes. Every subject has been trimmed down to only cover content covered before schools closed. The tests will also only include free-response questions without any multiple-choice. All of our cram teachers are closely watching updates from the College Board and the sessions will be aligned to this year’s test.

why is there a cost to the cram pass?

We create thousands of free resources for students so that APs are accessible to all, but we need to support our teachers, streamers, creators, and editors. The cram pass is priced at $35/exam which is just enough to cover the cram teachers and all of the other content they will be using to support you. There’s no profit for us, just funds that cycle back to the teachers and students that make Fiveable what it is.

how long are the cram sessions?

Cram sessions are scheduled for one hour each and sometimes go over if there are extra questions. The night before the exam we’ll be live with an open forum Q&A that will go for longer so that students can be prepared.

are the cram sessions recorded?

yep! it’s best to attend live so you can ask questions and chat with other students. however, everything is recorded and time-stamped so you can watch it later or again. these replays are only available with a valid cram pass.

will there be free live streams still happening?

Yes, we will still have one free stream per week for each subject, but these freebies will be mostly open forums or covering topics that won’t be on the exam. Since classes were cut short, we’re still providing students an opportunity to learn the content they will need for future classes and these will be free.

do i need to get multiple cram passes if i take multiple ap classes?

Yes, you’ll need a cram pass for each of your subjects. We’ve made it so that when you purchase more than one pass, there are discounts that will automatically be applied.

is there financial aid available?

Yes, we are working to find partners that can provide support for students in need. The COVID-19 crisis has impacted many families, so if you need support, please request aid using this form. We’ll reach out on a first-come, first-served basis.


can i sign my whole class or school up?

Yes, we have discounts available for schools or districts to sign up groups of students. We’d love to work with you to get your students set up. Please fill out this formand we’ll be in touch with next steps.

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