Community & Events

Go beyond the academics with Fiveable's student community. Meet other students from around the world, build lasting relationships with fellow students and mentors, and grow personally and professionally.

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Students can hone their leadership skills through career development opportunities and livediscussions
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Students can join study groups, language clusters, and Fiveable forums with their peers
Improve productivity and self-care by participating in coworking sessions, digital wellness initiatives, and vent sessions
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Host and participate in global chats focused on major Gen Z issues

Student Programming

Through Discord, Fiveable has an online community where thousands of students from around the world meet to discuss AP testing and preparing for the future. There are specific channels where students have conversations on topics ranging from AP courses to specific languages to mental health and game nights.

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College and Career Readiness

Learn how to prepare for college and your career through college admissions & professional development events and discussions.

Fiveable Ambassadors

Students can get an opportunity to work with Team Fiveable to promote our library resources and engage with their peers on Discord and Social.

Fiveable Fridays

Student leaders host a weekly discussion and live event every Friday on a topic of their choice.

Language Clusters

Practice learning and speaking different languages with other students.


Fiveable users can apply to be a part of the Fiveable Mentor/Mentee program.


Be a part of our community initiative to make sure students are practicing good and balanced self-care.

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