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Game of 5s 🎉

Play live AP trivia from Dec 7-Dec 17

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Game of 5s is a series of live trivia battles with a certain amount of time to answer each question. Earn points based on how many you get right, and how quickly. The leaderboard shows the ranks, and top players will get prizes, which we are announcing Monday, Dec 7th.

How can I play Game of 5s?

1. Log in or create an account (it’s free!)
2. Choose a game below or view the upcoming events on your dashboard.
3. Once you’re on the trivia page, click the RSVP button in the top right corner of the trivia page.
4. You’re all set! You’ll get an email reminder the day of the game, as well as a last-minute reminder 15 minutes before the live event begins.

Week One 🎇

✍🏽 AP English Language: Part 1 Review • 12/7 @ 6pm ET
🇺🇸 AP US History: Units 1-5 Review • 12/7 @ 7pm ET
🧬 AP Bio: Units 1-4 Review • 12/7 @ 8pm ET
📚 AP English Literature: Full Review • 12/7 @ 9pm ET
🎡 AP Physics 1: Units 1-5 Review • 12/8 @ 7pm ET
🧪 AP Chemistry: Units 1-5 Review • 12/8 @ 8pm ET
🌋 AP Environmental Science: Full Review • 12/8 @ 9pm ET
📊 AP Statistics: Units 1-5 Review • 12/9 @ 6pm ET
🇪🇺 AP European History: Units 1-5 Review • 12/9 @ 7pm ET
🚜 AP Human Geography: Units 1-4 Review • 12/9 @ 7pm ET
🤑 AP Macroeconomics: Full Review • 12/9 @ 9pm ET
🧠 AP Psychology: Units 1-5 Review • 12/10 @ 6pm ET
♾️ AP Calculus: Units 1-5 Review • 12/10 @ 7pm ET
🌍 AP World: Units 1-5 Review • 12/10 @ 8pm ET
🏛️ AP US Government: Units 1-3 Review • 12/11 @ 9pm ET

Week Two 🎆

✍🏽 AP English Language: Part 2 Review • 12/14 @ 6pm ET
🇺🇸 AP US History: Units 6-9 Review • 12/14 @ 7pm ET
🧬 AP Bio: Units 5-8 Review • 12/14 @ 8pm ET
📚 AP English Literature: Full Review • 12/14 @ 9pm ET
🎡 AP Physics 1: Units 6-10 Review • 12/15 @ 7pm ET
🧪 AP Chemistry: Units 6-9 Review • 12/15 @ 8pm ET
🌋 AP Environmental Science: Full Review • 12/15 @ 9pm ET
📊 AP Statistics: Units 6-9 Review • 12/16 @ 6pm ET
🇪🇺 AP European History: Units 6-9 Review • 12/16 @ 7pm ET
🚜 AP Human Geography: Units 5-7 Review • 12/16 @ 8pm ET
🤑 AP Macroeconomics: Full Review • 12/16 @ 9pm ET
🧠 AP Psychology: Units 6-9 Review • 12/17 @ 6pm ET
♾️ AP Calculus: Units 6-10 Review • 12/17 @ 7pm ET
🌍 AP World: Units 6-9 Review • 12/17 @ 8pm ET
🏛️ AP US Government: Units 4-5 Review • 12/17 @ 9pm ET

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Game of 5s?

Game of 5s is a global trivia competition where thousands of students compete against each other in AP trivia. It was first developed in collaboration with Ben Freeman of Freemanpedia to help students prepare for AP World History. It was such a success that we decided to replicate it to even more subjects.

If you don’t see your subject(s) on the list above, just know that we’re working on creating more questions and hosting more games!

Is it free to play?

Yes! All Fiveable live trivia events are free to play. A verified account is required to participate and engage in the live chat. Please view our privacy policy & terms of use to learn more about our community guidelines and the data that we collect.

Why are some games partial reviews and others are full reviews?
We run full review trivia games in subjects that we have limited amount of questions for. Since we’ll be covering every unit in that subject, you might discover that you haven’t learned that material in class yet. Don’t worry — you can still play!

All trivia questions have explanations at the end of the game. This is a good way to test your recall abilities for the units that you’ve already studied as well as prepare for upcoming material. Practice makes perfect!

I can't make it to the live event. Can I still participate?

Of course! If you’re unable to attend the live event, you can still play any trivia game after it has ended as many times as you’d like. Just head to any trivia event page and click “start!”

Keep in mind that only those who score points during a live trivia game will show up on the leaderboard. If you’re replaying an event, your score will not count.

I won a prize but I haven't received it yet. Help!

We gotchu. Please allow up to 2-3 business days after an event has ended for a Team Fiveable rep to contact you with instructions on how to redeem your prize. Reach out to if you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns.

I noticed a question had a mistake or the wrong answer or the game crashed. What do I do?

While our students and teachers do rigorous checks of our trivia questions every week, you might bump into a question that may be glitchy or has a wrong answer/typo/grammatical error. Keep a note of the trivia question and flag it once the game is over. Flagged reports will be prioritized and fixed as soon as we’re able to identify inaccurate or buggy content.

If it’s a question that is causing your game to crash, take a screenshot or video and send us a note at! We crush bugs as fast as possible to make sure your experience isn’t affected too greatly.

Interested in creating trivia questions for Fiveable? 🙌

We’re always looking to collab with student & teacher AP superstars!