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Self-Care plays a big role in ensuring one's mental health and overall health. In our community, we value the mental health of students. With that, we want to promote self-care activities that will aid in helping students de-stress and prioritize putting their mental health first.

We're looking for students who want to help students to recognize the importance of self-care & provide support to our student community!

You work well with others and thrive in a flexible environment! Providing feedback on how to improve current actives & suggest new ideas. Working amongst other students to lead events and attending meetings to coordinate various events. Most importantly, you aren’t afraid to experiment, fail, learn from your efforts, and try again.


This role is only available for high school students, and is an unpaid, volunteer position.


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Our mission and team

Our mission is to make learning easy and fun. We know that educational inequities have left students overwhelmed and fending for themselves. In order to close the opportunity gap, we need to create space for students to be creative and curious. To do this, we've created a social network for online learning communities through interactive content and courses. Because of COVID, we're in a lightning strike moment for education and we're fired up to change the way things are for high school students.


We're a creative group of former teachers, community builders, game designers, and generally curious people who are driven by social impact. We're focused on building a diverse team and are inclusive of all backgrounds. And we're big on growth mindsets - we're all learning!

Team Fiveable

You are:

  • Passionate - You care deeply and pour yourself into what you do.
  • Efficient - You work smarter, not harder.
  • Candid - You communicate consistently and authentically
  • Flexible - You go with the flow and find new paths to your goals.
  • Empathetic - You understand how others feel and know why they act the way they do

You have:

  • Experience with using Discord and Notion
  • Mic and video features are available with permissions enabled for Discord VCs
  • Teamwork skills
  • Active listening skills

πŸ“ Responsibilities

Work together with other students to encourage the importance of self-care and host events to help build a supportive environment for students.

  • Brainstorm new ideas for Self-Care Sundays & more
  • Engage in the self-care channel by responding to other students in a caring and supportive manner. As well as remind students about upcoming events from self-care events!
  • Take note of attendance & number of hours committed each week
  • Update team members with unavailability dates and plan accordingly together


πŸ’… Benefits of Working at Fiveable

  • Experience working directly with interns and other volunteers on leading an event
  • On Fiveable's radar for bigger, future leadership opportunities
  • Official volunteer service hours signed by the Fiveable team
  • Free access to Fiveable products!
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