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March 19, 2021

How to use Fiveable in the Classroom

Curious about how Fiveable can bring your classroom back to life? Learn how our study resources enhance the student experience! 

How to use Fiveable in the Classroom

Changes to the Classroom

For this school year, COVID-19 has flipped learning on its head. Online school and constant Zoom calls all on top of the stress of AP classes which already cause immense pressure on students have ruined learning experiences for millions of students. Because of COVID-19, students are disconnected, teachers are frustrated, and asynchronous learning is becoming more and more difficult to manage as more students tap out.

Luckily, Fiveable is here to help bring your classroom back to life! Fiveable features thousands of high quality pieces of content ready for use in the classroom ranging from study guides to interactive trivia to AP aligned lectures from expert teachers and students. In this article, we’ll discuss some 🔥 ways to use Fiveable in your classroom both synchronously and asynchronously.

Using Fiveable For Your Students

There are countless ways to use Fiveable’s content in your classroom, but here are some of our top suggestions for how Fiveable can blow your students’ minds 🤯.

👨‍🏫 In Class Assignments

When in class, Fiveable serves as a perfect supplementary resource to any lesson. While replays from streams can be over an hour long, convenient timestamps underneath the video allow you to handpick exactly what you are teaching and show your students precisely what they need to understand.

Time Stamps on a Fiveable Replay

Fiveable also provides slides and study guides for students to read either while working in class as reference materials or for use in lessons to be read as a class. What’s even better is that all of these resources are available at the click of a button for all students both at home and in class.

✏️ Homework

Fiveable’s content is also perfect for use at home. While our longer format for video may be difficult to use in the classroom, students have time to watch more extensive portions of replays while taking notes, answering questions, the possibilities are endless! The same strategy can be applied to our study guides which are all strictly aligned to AP standards meaning every piece of content is fair game for the exam and is helping your students get 5s in May.

A snippet from an AP World study guide

🏆 Interactive Assignments

Students love competition. Whether it’s individual competitions like Kahoot!™ or team competitions like Quizlet Live™, students get hyped when they have the opportunity to gain some bragging rights.

Luckily, Fiveable has AP trivia built right in! Using scheduled live trivia events running through AP exams and replayable non-live trivia, students can test their skills against each other either asynchronously or all together in the classroom. Whereas tools like Kahoot require all students to be logged in at the same time, students can play Fiveable trivia on their own allowing for easier asynchronous competition or at the same time without any finicky joining systems.

Fiveable Trivia in Action!

💻 Using Online Teaching Platforms

Using Fiveable in combination with the many learning management systems that have grown since the start of online teaching makes it that much more powerful. Learning management systems allow you to take the content that Fiveable offers and share them directly with their students in an interactive way.

For example, using a software like Google Classroom or Canvas to assign Fiveable study guides in tandem with worksheets can boost your students’ understanding and engagement through the roof 📈.

🧠 Give Us Your Thoughts!

If you decide to implement any of these ideas or any ideas of your own involving Fiveable in the classroom, let us know! We’d love to hear any feedback about the good, the bad, and the ugly when using Fiveable with your students to make the experience that much better in your classroom. Feel free to submit any critiques or wins in this form.