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What’s a live stream and/or a replay? What’s the difference?

Live streams are events (typically lectures, discussions, and reviews) that happen in real-time that allow for direct engagement with a streamer. Replays are recordings of live events without any of the live interactive tools. Each replay typically includes timestamps that act as bookmarks to important sections of each video along with a set of high level key questions that you should be able to answer by the end of the stream.

How do I register for an upcoming event?

To save your spot for an upcoming event, head over to our live stream calendar to find a live event you’d like to join — whether that’s an upcoming live stream or trivia battle. You’ll be asked to save your spot for the events you’d like to attend. This helps us make sure we have enough resources and people power to accommodate certain streams as well as help us measure what stream topics are popular.

Will I get reminders for events in my subject?
How do I change my notification settings?

We send out event reminders, special promotions, general announcements, new feature updates, and more. We understand that not everyone wants these emails so we made it simple to toggle on and off the content you’d like to receive in your inbox, as well as change the frequency of notifications. Just head over to your account settings and opt-in to the notifications that you want, if any.*

*We never share email addresses of any user outside of Fiveable and we’ll never send you third-party marketing emails. Read our privacy policy here.

How can I request or suggest a certain topic for a live stream?

If there’s a topic you’d like us to cover more in-depth that isn’t already available, just send us an email to Our team will review the request and we’ll let you know if we can make it happen!

I’d love to give back to other students & teachers? How can I stream?

We’re always looking for knowledgeable teachers and students to join our stream team. Meet the Content Team and find out how you can join Team Fiveable’s mission to help students everywhere.


how long does it take for a replay to become available?

All streamers are instructed to upload their replays, slides, and other stream materials within 12 hours of their stream. Cram sessions are typically available within 3-6 hours. If a stream is not available within this timeframe, please feel free to reach out to us by sending a message to to expedite the process.

I’m getting an error trying to view a replay. help!

If you receive an error while attempting to watch a live stream or replay, you can send a report to our team from the same screen and give us a detailed explanation of what’s happening on your end.

From there, we’ll walk you through the basic troubleshooting steps, including trying to access content from a different device or wifi network (i.e your phone). It’s possible that some schools with more restrictive networks can block our videos from loading. If this is the case, we’d to love talk with your school or district’s IT department to make sure your learning experience is error-free.

Send us an email to if you’re experiencing such issues and need to get in touch with someone directly.

Are replays downloadable?

Yes! Non-cram videos are available for download. Under every replay, there should be a “download video” button that will allow you to download it for offline viewing. We do take internet access and availability into consideration so all replays typically come in several different file sizes, allowing you to download them regardless of the type of broadband you have access to.


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