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How do I apply for a Verified Teacher account?

Applying for a Verified Teacher account unlocks many features typically not available to individual accounts. As a verified teacher, you’ll be able to unlock special privileges that allow you to set up your personalized Fiveable Classroom. To apply for a free verified account, please sign up here.

What do I need to become a Verified Teacher?

In order to become verified, you must have a Fiveable account and be logged in to fill out the application. You’ll be asked information about your class (# of students, subject(s), and you’ll also be asked to upload proof that you’re a teacher.

Acceptable proof of teacher status includes: a screenshot of your staff page on your school website, staff ID, screenshot of your school email, certificates, diplomas, AP certification, letter from College Board, or a cropped paystub with only your full name and school (not recommended). Other forms will be accepted on a case-by-case basis. Note: Any files uploaded are immediately deleted upon approval.

What are the benefits of a Verified Teacher account?

  • Set up a classroom for each class you have
  • Assign all types of Fiveable content
  • Track student progress on all assignments
  • Share announcements with your class
  • Access curated resources straight from your teacher portal
  • Unlock a special Verified Teacher badge to access our exclusive Teacher community

How long does it take to get approved?

Teacher Verification can take anywhere from a few minutes to 1 business day. If we have questions about your application, we’ll reach out to you via email the same day. Please make sure you fill out the form with accurate information and acceptable proof to avoid any delays in processing.

can I set up more than one classroom on Fiveable?

Yes, you’re allowed to create unlimited classes for an unlimited number of students. You’ll also never be asked for payment to set up your class and enroll your students.

Teacher Portal

Setting up a class inside Fiveable Classroom takes seconds.

How do I set up a class?

  1. Login to your Fiveable account and head to your teacher dashboard. For easy access, this is listed as “Teacher” in your navigation menu in the top right corner.
  2. Click “Create a class” and fill in all of the required information: course name, instructor name, subject, and class color.
  3. Click “save.” You’re all set!

How do I invite my students to my classroom?

There are currently three different methods that you can use to onboard your students: invite by email, class code, or your personalized share URL.

Mass register your students in seconds by inviting them via email.

💌 Invite by Email

  1. Head to your teacher dashboard.
  2. Click into the class you’d like to add students to by clicking on its course name
  3. Head to the Students tab and click the “+” button
  4. Enter in your student emails separated by comma, space, or a line break.
  5. Click “Add Students” to send invitations. This process may take a moment so please be patient!

Every class has a unique code.

🔢 Invite by Class Code

  1. Head to your teacher dashboard.
  2. Find the class you’d like to invite students to. Click on the name of that class to enter its respective dashboard.
  3. Click on the button labeled “class code”. This will automatically copy the class code to your clipboard
  4. Send this code to your students by pasting it into an email or in Google Classroom, Remind, etc… along with the Join Class url:
  5. When your students enter the class code, you’ll be notified of a request from that student.
  6. Approve the student by going to your student panel inside the class. That’s it!

🔗 Invite with Personalized Class URL

  • Head to your teacher dashboard.
  • Find the class you’d like to invite students to. Click on the name of that class to enter its respective dashboard.
  • Once inside the class of your choice, click on the link icon next to your class code to copy your personalized URL. This will automatically copy your custom Class URL.
  • Copy/paste this URL and send it to your students via any platform you use (on Google Classroom, via Email, Remind, etc)
  • When your students use your URL to join, you’ll be sent a notification of their request.
  • Approve the student by going to your student panel inside the class.
  • That’s it!

How can I track what my students are doing?

When you create an assignment, it’ll automatically assign that work to each of your students. When your student starts that assignment, our system will automatically begin tracking their progress.


I’m getting an insufficient permissions error.

This might sound simple but try logging out of your account and signing back in. This usually “refreshes” your account status and should resolve the issue.

My student(s) can’t see my assignments. What can I do?

If your student can’t see your assignment(s), this could be due to a few reasons:

  • They aren’t a part of your class yet. They’d have to be approved by going to the “Students” tab inside the dashboard for their respective class
  • They joined your class after the assignment was created. To resolve this, find the assignment(s) that they are unable to see, click on “Edit Assignment” (indicated by a pencil icon). The Edit Assignment window should pop up — go to “Edit Assignees” near the “Close” button in the bottom right corner and update the assignees. The student will show up if they are enrolled in your Fiveable Classroom.
  • They’re getting an insufficient permissions error. Have them logout and sign back in and try again. If they still can’t see the assignment, remove the student from your classroom and reinvite them.

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